Ode to Amsterdam

And all of a sudden it was time for free work. An ode to the city, like a letter to your best friend.

To give a small reminder that the city should not succumb to pettiness, small-scale political posturing or slowly slipping into the charisma of a forgotten village.

An ode to Amsterdam and to all its honest, hard-working and diverse inhabitants, its nightlife and raw edge.


Director: Klaas Kleiterp

DOP: Wouter Verheul

Editor: Tim Schijf

Colourist: Ruben Labree

Copywriter: Lee Plaschek

Voice-over: Horace Cohen

Composer: Wannabeats

Sound design: Soundsright

Gear: Maloney Amsterdam


Thanks to everyone who was willing to work in front of the camera and helped make this video happen.

  • Client

    Sir Render

  • Type

    Mood film

  • Year


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